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CliC-PoLiT is an innovative education platform that not only delivers content but also fosters essential life competencies. The project prioritises student-centered approaches, empowering teachers to adapt their methods and cultivate critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, and green skills among learners. Light pollution is an interdisciplinary topic that has a range of impacts on ecosystems and human health. Students can explore sustainable solutions and develop their communication skills while advocating for environmental stewardship.

In the context of a shift towards student-centred learning, teachers often face the challenge of effectively assessing competences. Unlike content retention, which can be measured through standardised testing, evaluating competences requires a more nuanced approach. Traditional assessment methods may fall short in capturing the multifaceted growth of students in a diverse classroom environment where knowledge acquisition varies. It also encourages educators to rethink the purpose of assessment, questioning whether it is solely to measure content mastery or if it can also serve as a catalyst for holistic human development.

The following guide aims to help teachers participating in the CliC-PoLiT initiative to assess student competences in a fair and diverse manner. By adopting a holistic approach to education, educators can enable students to address important societal issues, promote empathy, solidarity, and creativity, and imagine a sustainable future for future generations. Through collaborative efforts and a dedication to lifelong learning, educators and students can embark on a transformative journey towards a more inclusive and resilient society.

A guide to assess students
Rubrics for green competences assessment
Other rubrics for competence assessment
The ASSESS book: an innovative framework for student assessment in the 21st century


 Student questionnaires

CliC-PoLiT Students – PRE questionnaire

CliC-PoLiT Students – POST questionnaire