4-8 September 2023

The CliC-PoLiT Summer School will give the possibility to teachers and educators participating in the activities to exchange experiences and practices with their peers. Moreover, teachers can jointly develop hands-on activities, discuss on concepts and skills of Light Pollution monitoring and mitigation towards Urban Sustainability or they can explore inquiry processes and multidisciplinary teaching approaches.

The joint training activities will provide ways for intercultural dialogue on how digital skills and environmental literacy upon real-world phenomena problem-solving can be enhanced in different European educational practices. The event can serve as a preparation means for all participants to train them to the developed hands-on activities so that they can later on implement them in real formal and informal educational environments.


The CliC-PoLiT project aims to design, implement, and evaluate blended innovative educational approaches and digital tools that provide interactive, experiential, transformative, and real-world learning, towards a specific issue. The overarching goal is to engage students and the society in environmental and climate change activities to raise awareness and strengthen responsible citizenship.

In light of these challenges, incorporating the terms of climate change, urban sustainability and light pollution into the curriculum requires systemic thinking and interdisciplinary approaches, demanding in parallel for pedagogical innovations that provide interactive, experiential, transformative, and real-world learning.

Through the Robotics Competition and the Students Parliament, teachers will be invited to collaborate in a STEAM interdisciplinary model, establishing international alliances with other participating schools. In addition, students will be change agents promoting awareness of the problem, engaging in fruitful dialogue about possible solutions, establishing dialogues with peers, researchers and other relevant stakeholders in the field.

The CliC-PoLiT Summer School is supported by the European School Innovation Academy. Learn more here: https://esia.ea.gr/clic-polit-summer-school/

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