Earth at night – images taken from the ISS by André Kuipers

As part of CliC-PoLiT, a collection of teaching materials on the subject of light pollution is currently being set up. In this toolkit, night images taken from the ISS of many different countries are described in detail.
As Introduction, you can show a slideshow with music (12 min.) It can either be played directly via the link or you can download it to your computer. For the lectures, you can either choose a ppt or pdf with all available countries, each with the original image followed by a slide with the most important descriptions about the image. Or you can choose selected images from individual countries, also followed by slides with the basic descriptions. All materials are currently in English, German-language material will follow in the coming months.
For a deeper understanding of the images and the preparation of the lectures by the teacher, detailed descriptions of all images are available in Word- or Pdf-format, see below.

Introduction: Video „Earth at night“ with music
Images: Andrè Kuipers, Music: Adax Dörsam / TerraVisaMusica, 12 min.

Earth at night – images from Europe, presentation for the classroom:
All countries:
– powerpoint (images with description)
– pdf (images with description)
Individual countries:
– Several presentations for individual countries (shorter ppt- and pfd-files to be handed out for exercises)

Detailed description as preparation for the teacher and to generate worksheets: