Robotics II: 2023-24

The 2nd Robotics Competition will be organized for the Upper Primary and Secondary Schools that will allow students and teachers to engage with CliC-PoLiT and show deep learning in an interesting and exciting challenge: Light Pollution mitigation. The second Robotics Competition, as a didactic tool, will “work” as an interdisciplinary teaching and learning environment that promotes the development of scientifictechnological skills and competencies in order to construct, programme and manipulate robotic platforms. In advance, supporting material, tutorials and guidelines will be prepared to enhance students’ programming and engineering skills. Both phases of the challenge will be open to all schools from the countries represented in this partnership along with pilot schools of the WRO network in Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria. The Robotics IΙ 2023-24 competition context and guidelines is published here.

Register to the competition here.

You can find the report of the 2nd Robotics competition here.