Students Parliament

In the Students’ Parliament Program, secondary students will discuss how European society should react to scientific developments and findings on Light Pollution. Themes will be drawn from the Pedagogical Framework, i.e., road and house lighting, safety and security, energy costs for lighting, effects of poor lighting on biodiversity etc. Student Parliaments have these features: 

  • Local student parliaments in local languages. Before the event, students engage in scientific study of light pollution issues. 
  • At the parliament, the young delegates work in committees, meet experts from science and politics and write resolutions that they debate and vote on in a general assembly. 
  • These resolutions are delivered to regional or national policy makers. 
  • After the event, students report back to their class about the parliament and its resolutions, allowing them to share their experience. 
  • The winners of each National committee will further demonstrate their arguments and outcomes on a pan European Committee panel. 

Students participating in the WRO competition will be able to use their mockups for a light pollution friendly scenery to reinforce their plea in the parliament.

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